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September 2021: Wine Friends Kaitlyn Caruke and Chloe Grigri

Two portraits of woman, side-by-side. On the left a young woman in an animal-print top holds a bottle of wine up while smiling a cheeky grin. On the right a woman with shoulder length brown hair and bangs, wearing a thin grey sweater, sits in dramatic lighting.

Kaitlyn Caruke and Chloe Grigri, who selected our September wines, started their careers cities apart — Kaitlyn in New York, serving at local wine icons like Pearl & Ash and Rebelle, and Chloe in Philadelphia, where she opened the Good King Tavern in 2013 in partnership with her dad. In 2019, Chloe tapped Kaitlyn to join the opening team of Le Caveau, a French bar à vins upstairs from the Good King Tavern. Shortly after opening its doors, Le Caveau received a James Beard nomination for outstanding wine program. Today, the pair are regarded as driving forces of the growing wine scene in Philly — and good friends who even live in the same apartment building. 

So for their theme, Kaitlyn and Chloe focused on the special friendships found in winemaking (and in wine consumption!). Their picks included wines made as collaborations between two winemaker friends, as well as bottles made by winemakers who buy their grapes from neighbors. It’s all about discovering the magic that comes from passionate individuals joining forces, resulting in a product that’s greater than the sum of its parts. 

A line-up of four wine bottles. From left to right; a light rose with white label, an orange-colored wine with a crown cap, a red wine with its cork visible through the clear glass wine bottle, and a red wine with a red label.

Here’s what we drank in September: