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Wine 101 from Eater

The Basics

Choosing and Buying Wine

  • A Brief Guide to Buying Champagne

  • You Should Be Drinking Grower Champagne

  • How to Shop for Natural Wine

  • What Bottle Is Best for Making Mulled Wine?

  • Here's a Thought: Just Order the Cheapest Bottle

  • Glasses, Tools, and Gadgets

    On the Trend Front

  • The Beauty of Pairing Fast Food With Bubbly

  • What Goes Into Designing a Wine Label?

  • Pink Champagne Is the Perfect Antidote to Winter Doldrums

  • You Already Love the Spritz, So Embrace the Wine Cooler

  • Your New Favorite Wine Shop: The Gas Station

  • The New Rules of Pairing Wine With Food

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