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Eater Wine Club

Restaurant-quality wine, picked by the pros, delivered straight to your door 

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Get two or four unique bottles of wine mailed to your door every month. Each month’s box is curated by a pro from an Eater-beloved restaurant, bar, or bottle shop, who takes inspiration from the flavors, regions, and trends exciting them right now.

The wines in our September boxes are selected by Chloe Grigri and Kaitlyn Caruke, friends who pour wine at French wine bar Le Caveau in Philadelphia. For their theme, our co-hosts are highlighting collaborations, from two winemakers collaborating to create a special label to another winemaker buying their grapes from pals. Head here to learn more about Chloe and Kaitlyn's wine picks.

September wines will begin shipping out on September 10. Shipping and taxes are included in your monthly cost — for more info, check out our FAQ.

What You Get

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New Wines Every Time

Each month, Eater editors tap a beloved wine expert that comes from an Eater city to curate your wines. Their selections will be based on a theme of their choosing — a region, a trend, or simply a seasonal vibe.

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A New Way to Taste

Peek into the brilliant brain of your monthly curator with in-depth tasting notes, a history lesson on where the wines come from and how they’re made, and a breakdown of all the terminology you’ve ever wanted to know.

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Be a Part of a Wine Community

Connect with a wine-loving crew that spans the country, as well as the monthly curator, who’ll share their best drinking tips, guides to the city they call home, and the inner workings of their kitchen.

Through the Grapevine...

"Really fascinating approach — the only wine club I know of that approaches it this way!" — Melissa G.
"Loved these unique wines I wouldn't have known how to choose myself.” — Wendy C.
"This is not the stuff you see from a traditional wine subscription box." — Whitney M.
"The variation, quality, and price all make this subscription so worth it." — Hugo G.

Upcoming Curators

Jhonel Faelnar

Wine director,  Atomix

Selected by Eater New York

Seung Hee Lee

Pop-up chef and author, Everyday Korean
Selected by Eater Atlanta

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