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Eater Wine Club

Eater Wine Club Subscription

$110.00 per month

Get two, four, or six bottles of restaurant-quality wine mailed to your door each month. Each month’s box is curated by an Eater-beloved wine pro, who takes inspiration from the flavors, regions, and trends exciting them right now. 

This month’s theme: The All-New EAH: Home Cooking Goals & Delicious Pairings

This month, we're celebrating the rebirth of Eater at Home (EAH) – your one-stop shop for conquering your kitchen and feasting like royalty without leaving your living room. Just like our awesome wine club, EAH is all about bringing that restaurant magic to your dinner table.

Now, let's talk wine! The wines in this month's Eater Wine Club are the perfect partners in crime for your Bo Ssam feast (or any occasion, really!). They'll have you impressing your guests and turning any Tuesday into a celebration.

So grab your apron, pop open a bottle, and get ready to create some delicious memories at home!

P.S. Don't forget to check out the April EAH recipe for Bo Ssam and all the other goodies Eater at Home has to offer!

This month’s curator: Eater at Home (EAH)

Think of EAH as your personal chef whisperer. We bring you no-nonsense cooking advice, from crowd-pleasing classics to restaurant-worthy dishes made simple.

This month, EAH is all about April's "Okay, But Actually" Bo Ssam recipe (trust us, it's a winner!). Plus, the deliciously curated wines in your Eater Wine Club box are the perfect pairing for this Korean BBQ feast (or any night you want to impress your crew or add some pizazz to an ordinary Tuesday!).

So there you have it! EAH and your Eater Wine Club are here to help you transform your home into a place of culinary magic. Cheers to deliciousness!