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About Us

At Eater, we’re obsessed with restaurants. The food, obviously, but the whole thing — the service, the ambience, the experience. Another crucial aspect is the expertise, including the trusty sommelier who knows exactly which wine to pair with each order. Under their care, we — and you! — are more likely to end up drinking something surprising, delightful, and memorable, while learning something new about the wine world.

Eater Wine Club is our way of bringing that sommelier experience — the curation, the stories, the expertise — home. We activated Eater’s network of city editors, who cover restaurant scenes from Seattle to Austin to Boston, to find the most exciting wine pros on the ground. Then, we asked each of those sommeliers to channel their expertise and passions into a box of delicious and highly drinkable wines — and that’s what arrives on your doorstep each month when you sign up. 

Those boxes, along with exclusive newsletter content and educational rundowns sent directly from our sommelier experts to you, add up to bring the restaurant experiences we know and love a little closer to home.