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Get two or four bottles of restaurant-quality wine, mailed to your door each month as a recurring subscription. Each month’s box is curated by an Eater-beloved wine pro, who takes inspiration from the flavors, regions, and trends exciting them right now. 

This month’s theme:  Crushable wines made for drinking at the beach

Wine drinking doesn’t need to feel stuffy — nor does it even need to be done indoors or out of a proper glass. For July, consider refreshing wines that can accompany the most casual of summer outings: the beach. Lauren’s curated a selection of “crushable” wines that all have the kind of crisp, light buoyancy that makes for pleasurable outdoor sipping, from a Loire Valley white that’s “racy, salty, and full of pithy citrus zip” to a mineral-driven red wine from New York that only gets better when chilled. 

This month’s curator: Lauren Friel of Rebel Rebel and Wild Child, Somerville 

Lauren Friel has made her mark on the Boston wine scene with her unabashedly progressive, feminist approach. Starting off as a server at Oleana in Cambridge, she went on to become the restaurant’s wine director, followed by gigs at other major restaurants including New York’s Dirt Candy (where she curated the country’s only all-female wine list). She founded natural wine bar Rebel Rebel in 2018 with a focus on integrating activism, philanthropy, and inclusivity into the business model. Her latest venture is Wild Child, a newly-opened hybrid shop offering intersectional literature and natural wine in Somerville, a city Friel lovingly describes as “Boston's “scrappy, fun sister.”