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Get two or four bottles of restaurant-quality wine, mailed to your door as a recurring subscription, billed every month. Each month’s box is curated by an Eater-beloved wine pro, who takes inspiration from the flavors, regions, and trends exciting them right now. 

This month’s theme: The many wines of garnacha

We often refer to wines simply by the grape they’re made of — chardonnay, merlot, gamay. But a wine is more than the sum of its grapes. So we’re exploring the many ways one grape — the ubiquitous garnacha, or grenache — can be expressed. Thanks to its versatility, garnacha is planted widely across Spain, France, Australia, and the U.S., as well as in Sardinia where it’s known as cannonau. But as Chelsea’s selections show, it can taste vastly different depending on where it’s grown, how it’s been picked, and a million other details that add up to create a distinct bottle of wine.

This month’s curator: Chelsea Coleman of the Rose, San Diego

Chelsea Coleman is an ‘80s baby who grew up in San Diego. As the child of a sportscaster, she learned to love restaurants on her family travels across the U.S. following baseball teams. Later, during her college years, a stint cooking in Italy deepened her love for food and kickstarted an appreciation for wine. After WWOOFing on farms in Hawai‘i and Argentina, working in restaurant kitchens, and starting a composting company, Chelsea found her way back to San Diego where, in 2014, she and two friends took over the bar where their natural wine bar, the Rose, stands today. In addition to the Rose, she and her business partner have two new spots in the works: Secret Sister, a bakery and tea cafe opening next door, and Mabel’s Gone Fishing, a gin and seafood pintxos joint. Come 2022, they’re also bringing back Nat Diego, a natural wine festival they co-founded with fellow San Diego wine pros.