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Past Boxes

It's a Canadian wine party! We're so stoked to introduce our first-ever selection! This exciting exploration, curated in collaboration with the amazing VJ Gandhi, Founder and CEO of Kascadia Wine Merchants, features a vibrant array of bold, fruity reds bursting with ripe berries and crisp whites tantalizing with zesty citrus.


Calling all party people and wine enthusiasts as we explore the Eater's box of wines from our February club, curated by none other than The Nola Wineaux herself, Kenda Waugh! Imagine yourself amidst the spectacular floats, whimsical costumes, and infectious music of a New Orleans Mardi Gras parade. These wines are your ideal companions, ready to pair beautifully with any food you might grab along the route – or wherever your Mardi Gras celebrations take you!