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October 2021: Wines for Halloween With June Rodil

A smiling woman with dark hair wearing a bright-blue, silky blouse.

October wine pro June Rodil was inspired by the fall season (and Halloween in particular) to pick a selection of “black and orange” wines. So we dove into a selection of skin contact — aka “orange” — wine along with inky, rich black-fruited reds. The change in season allows us to shift from summer porch pounders and lightly chilled reds to wines with depth, dimension, and lushness that blast our taste buds with vibrant flavors — or as June put it, “wines that are a little cozier, a little warmer, and more enveloping like that favorite sweater you can’t wait to wear.” 

Four wine bottles in a row

Here are the wines that helped us dip our toes into autumn:

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