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Eater Wine Club

Restaurant-quality wine, picked by the pros, delivered to your door 


Eater Wine Club

A one-of-a-kind subscription that brings delicious wines, chosen by Eater-approved experts from around the country, to your doorstep.

$110.00 per month

Get two, four, or six bottles of restaurant-quality wine mailed to your door each month. Each month’s box is curated by an Eater-beloved wine pro, who takes inspiration from the flavors, regions, and trends exciting them right now. 

This month’s theme: "Wine Outside" is one of our all-time favorite activities!

June Eater Wine Club box is packed with delicious vinos perfect for all your summer adventures. We teamed up with Ryan Goydos, one half of the super cool "Super Vino Bros" on social media! These twins are all about finding awesome, low-intervention wines, and they handpicked these bottles just for you.

Ryan has curated a selection of delicious wines perfect for all your outdoor gatherings, from picnics in the park to late-night fireside chats. Get ready to impress your friends and family with these summer stunners!

This month’s curator: Ryan and Christopher Goydo

There's really nothing we love more than sitting outside with each other and sharing stories over a bottle of wine. There's something about fresh air, blue skies, and good company that enhances each sip, and there's really no better time to do this than during the Summer.

People find themselves in several different group settings over the Summer; a picnic in the park, a beachside gathering, a backyard barbecue, or even around a late night fire pit. That's why all the wines we picked for the box are meant to be chilled down and shared, and ideally enjoyed in an outdoor setting. We can assure you that any wine you bring will be one of the wines of the night.

May these delightful wines bring a touch of summer sunshine into your life. Cheers!

What You Get

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New Wines Every Time

Each month, Eater editors tap a beloved wine expert to curate your wines, based on a theme of their choosing — a region, a trend, or simply a seasonal vibe — along with detailed tasting notes.

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Not Your Typical Tasting

With your membership you become part of a wine-loving community, with access to exclusive wine parties featuring our trusted curator of the month.

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Exclusive Wine Intel

Peek into the brilliant brain of your monthly curator with a newsletter featuring their best drinking tips, the city they call home, the inner workings of their kitchen, and more.

Through the Grapevine...

"Really fascinating approach — the only wine club I know of that approaches it this way!" — Melissa G.
"“I look forward to every box and the new stuff in there that I wouldn't normally experience. — Cathy R.
"This is not the stuff you see from a traditional wine subscription box." — Whitney M.
"The variation, quality, and price all make this subscription so worth it." — Hugo G.

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