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This Is Wine Right Now Six-Pack by Punch


Wine right now is fluid, changeable, full of energy. Even the very definition of what wine is, or can be, is content with being under construction. That’s why our friends at Punch have decided to take a yearly snapshot of the producers, trends, ideas, and even objects in This Is Wine Right Now. The goal is to help us better understand this moment and, over time, tell the story of modern wine culture. And of course, drink some delicious wines along the way.

This year, they’ve assembled a list producers to know right now—from Asheville, North Carolina to Abruzzo, Italy—each of which are represented in this six-bottle, limited-edition wine box. They include:

  • Christian Binner, the beating heart of Alsatian wines
  • Roberto Henríquez, a Chilean winemaker iterating off of centuries-old styles
  • Plēb Urban Winery, which recalls the microbreweries of the early aughts
  • Wild Arc Farm, a petit winery making the world fall for hybrid grapes
  • Gómez Nevado/Buelan Compañía de Sacas, a dynamic duo of traditional and indie
  • La Collina Biologica, putting Abruzzo on the same trajectory of regions like Sicily and Campania 

If you’re already an Eater Wine Club member, know that the wines in this box won't appear in your June or July shipments, so this box should be ordered in addition to your subscription if you wish to receive. 

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