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Ocho Who RU 2020


Name: Who RU
Rkatsiteli, Mtsvane

This wine was part of Eater Wine Club’s October 2022 box, curated by sommelier Tamy Rofe. Learn more about our October wines and join Eater Wine Club today! Join Eater Wine Club today!

Tasting notes on the wine: 

"The Who RU cuvee is a blend of rkatsiteli and mtsvane that has a taste of orange blossom, dry herbs, and fruits. This wine has an amazing tension of acid and tannin, plus intriguing flavors of apricots and other stone fruits.” — Tamy Rofe

About the winemaker: 

"A selection of wines around ‘reclaiming heritage’ absolutely calls for a skin-contact wine! And who better to represent that category than the OGs from Georgia, where the tradition began 8,000 years ago. In Georgian mythology, Ocho is considered the protector of forests and wild animals. On their labels, you’ll see precious animals of Georgians fauna that are at risk of extinction (these guys are full-on ready to preserve tradition)." — Tamy Rofe