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In Via Sauvignon Blanc Lilian Baudin


Name: In Via Sauvignon Blanc 
Lilian Baudin
Country: France
Region: Loire Valley
Type: White
Grape(s): sauvignon blanc

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Tasting notes on the wine: 

This sauvignon blanc is juicy and citrus-laden with smoky notes and elements of lemon curd on the palate. It has a really nice flinty minerality that’s balanced with a smidge of salinity. Bonus: it’s a full liter. When you’re pouring for a crowd, a standard 750 bottle just isn’t fair; there’s no way there’s enough to go around, and certainly not enough for seconds of a cuvée as delicious as this one. Emmeline Zhao

About the winemaker: 

Lilian Baudin got into it with the appellation authorities because he is adamant about hand-harvesting (no longer customary in Pouilly-Fumé) and using wild yeast to better represent his terroir. This cuvée was deemed "not Pouilly-Fumé enough," despite it being in Pouilly Fumé, so he declassified it and named it “In Via,” or “The Way” in Latin. Emmeline Zhao