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Gaspard Sauvignon Blanc 2021


Name: Sauvignon Blanc
Producer: Gaspard
Country: France
Region: Loire Valley
Type: White
Grape(s): Sauvignon blanc

This wine was part of Eater Wine Club’s October 2022 box, curated by sommelier Tamy Rofe. Learn more about our October wines and join Eater Wine Club today! Join Eater Wine Club today!

Tasting notes on the wine: 

"This crisp white has notes of freshly-cut grass, lemon verbena, and lush tropical fruits and a mouthwatering acidity. It’s irresistible and perfect on its own, though you could also enjoy it with goat cheese, as the typical Loire Valley pairing suggests. " - Tamy Rofe

About the winemaker: 

"“Gaspard” is a traditional French boy’s name that means “bringer of treasure” – a fitting title for these easy-drinking wines that keep on giving. An exclusive label from wine importer Jenny & Francois, Gaspard is all about bringing you the very best of the Loire Valley, from the fruity cabernet franc to its beloved chenin." — Tamy Rofe