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Clos Marfisi Grotta di Sole 2019


Name: Grotta di Sole
Producer: Clos Marfisi
Country: France
Region: Corsica
Type: White
Grape(s): Vermentino

This wine was part of Eater Wine Club’s March 2021 box, curated by sommelier Rania Zayyat. Learn more about our March wines and join Eater Wine Club today!

Tasting notes on the wine:

"This vibrant, zippy, and refreshing wine boasts zesty citrus and salty minerality with moderate body and great concentration. Drink this with chargrilled asparagus wrapped in prosciutto (if you’re feeling fancy), baked trout with charred lemon, or fresh goat cheese drizzled with olive oil.” — Rania Zayyat

About the winemaker: 

"Nearly two-thirds of Corsica, an island just southeast of the French mainland and north of Italy’s Sardinia, is covered in mountains, making for a unique and extreme grape-growing terroir. Clos Marfisi, a fifth-generation grower, is at the helm of Mathieu and Julie Marfisi, a family estate in Patrimonio where the landscape is dominated by large outcroppings of pure limestone. It’s there that they produce a 100 percent vermentinu (vermentino) wine, Grotta di Sole, in a completely different style than its mainland counterpart." — Rania Zayyat