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Bakari Confondo Veneto Sparkling Rose NV


Name: Bakari Confondo Veneto Sparkling
grecanico dorato, carricante

This wine was part of Eater Wine Club’s November 2023 box, curated by by The Eater Team. Learn more about our November wines and join Eater Wine Club today! Join Eater Wine Club today!

Tasting notes on the wine: 

This beautifully crafted sparkling white blend is a harmonious fusion of grecanico dorato and carricante grapes from the heart of Veneto. It’s a crisp and refreshing wine; plus with its vibrant citrus notes and subtle minerality it pairs beautifully with everything from roast turkey to seafood, and even creamy vegetable gratins. 

About the winemaker: 

Bakari, born from the vision of five passionate wine professionals, aims to offer something exceptional yet approachable. With winemaker Stefano Menti at the helm, they bring to life a range of natural wines sourced from his family's vineyard and the vineyards of like-minded friends and neighbors.