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Pino Román Blanco Semillon 2022


Name: Blanco Semillon
Pino Román
Itata Valley

This wine was part of Eater Wine Club’s April 2024 box, curated by the team behind Eater at Home. Learn more about our April wines and join Eater Wine Club today! Join Eater Wine Club today!

Tasting notes on the wine:

“This semillon is all about ditching the typical, grassy flavor. Instead, get ready for a party of fresh citrus like mandarin and lime, juicy pear, and a hint of white pepper for a spicy kick. Light and elegant, it's perfect for sipping on a patio or enjoying with a lighter meal. Plus, it pairs beautifully with seafood, salads, or even lighter cheeses, making it a super versatile white for any occasion.”

About the winemaker:

“Nacho Román is a winemaker making waves in Chile's Itata Valley. Unlike some of the big names, he focuses on small-batch, high-quality wines, and this semillon is a prime example. It comes from a hidden gem of a region known for its natural wines.