November 2021: Seung Hee Lee | Eater Wine Club

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November 2021: Seung Hee Lee

Your November wines are being handpicked by chef Seung Hee Lee, the founder behind popular pop-up Korean Fusion and the author of Everyday Korean. Born and raised in Korea, Seung Hee was trained in Korean Royal Court cuisine. Today, her approach to cooking adapts traditional Korean recipes to the modern kitchen, driven by local markets and seasonality. Wine has also become a big part of her cooking and her life in general. She always has some kind of skin-contact wine, grower Champagne, or light and earthy gamay close by, and her pop-ups — in Paris, New York, New Orleans, and Atlanta (where she lives) — are intimate experiences for lovers of food and natural wine, bringing together contemporary dishes and interesting bottles with a touch of personal storytelling. Seung Hee is also an epidemiologist with a PhD in human nutrition.