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March 2024: North American Vineyard Voyage

Calling All Canadian Cab lovers (and Crisp Chardonnay Fans)! 
It's a Canadian wine party! We're so stoked to introduce our first-ever selection! This exciting exploration, curated in collaboration with the amazing VJ Gandhi, Founder and CEO of Kascadia Wine Merchants, features a vibrant array of bold, fruity reds bursting with ripe berries and crisp whites tantalizing with zesty citrus.

This wine selection takes you on a cross-country journey across North America. We're highlighting the finest areas from Western and Eastern Canada, including Nova Scotia, Niagara Peninsula, and the Okanagan Valley. On the flip side, highlights from American wine regions such as Michigan, California, and New York are sure to please your palate. Sustainable viticulture practices are a priority, ensuring these wines express the unique character of their terroir. Prepare for a sophisticated and exciting tasting experience that challenges your perception of North American wines. We hope you enjoy each and every bottle as you welcome spring! Cheers! Discover each bottle below: 

  • Benjamin Bridge, Nova Scotia NV Brut | Nova Scotia, Canada; sparkling white, l’acadie, chardonnay: “In over two short decades, Benjamin Bridge has distinguished itself as Canada's premier sparkling wine house. Hailing from the rolling hills of Nova Scotia's Gaspereau Valley, where the Gaspereau River flows to the sea through the Bay of Fundy, this sophisticated sparkler boasts both structure and elegance. Vibrant notes of lime blossom mingle with hints of smoke on the expressive finish. By blending the richness of older reserve wines with the vibrancy of young vintages, Benjamin has crafted an in-house classic. The non-vintage offers a taste of their signature style, blending components from the inaugural 2002 vintage. Savor it solo or pair it with oysters, fish and chips, or barbecued chicken for a delightful match.” - VJ Gandhi

  • Megalomaniac, Homegrown Red Blend | Niagara Peninsula, Canada; red blend, cabernet sauvignon, merlot, cabernet franc, malbec, petit perdot: “The story of Henry of Pelham winery begins in the late 18 century, when their great-great-great grandfather was granted the very land their vines
    grow on today. Six generations later, this family farm in the Short Hills Bench sub-appellation of Niagara Peninsula has blossomed into one of Canada's most eminent wine regions. Representing nearly two-thirds of the country's wine grapes, the peninsula owes its viticultural fame to the moderating effects of Lake Ontario and the protective barrier of Niagara Escarpment. This deep, dark red wine evokes ripe flavors of currant and blueberry. A touch of spice enriches the palate, leading to a smooth, velvety finish with oaky notes. Pair it with barbecued meats, strong cheeses, cured meats, or even strawberries and black pepper for a surprising delight. Aged in American oak barrels for over six months, the sipper will enjoy structure and complexity.” - VJ Gandhi

  • Winemaker's Cut, Rosé | Okanagan Valley, Canada; rosé, cabernet franc: “A winemaker's passion forged in Slovakia, perfected in Canada. Michal Mosney's passion for winemaking was born in Slovakia, but it has blossomed in the lush vineyards of Canada's Okanagan Valley. After honing his craft as the winemaker behind the scenes at various labels, Michal was ready to craft his masterpiece: Winemaker's Cut. Staying true to his classical European training, Michal plays Mozart and Chopin for his grapes as they ripen on the vine and serenade his fermenting wines in the cellar. His sustainable, artisanal methods produce wines of purity, balance, and complexity. The 2022 rosé is a sophisticated blend bursting with sun-ripened red berries and zesty citrus, mingling with fragrant lavender and herbs. Its vibrant acidity and elegant dry finish showcase Michal's passion for rosé and his connection to the terroir of Okanagan Valley. One sip and you'll be transported. Santé!” - VJ Gandhi

  • Stoneboat Vineyards, Pinot Gris | Okanagan Valley, Canada; white, pinot gris: “As a pioneering winery, Stoneboat Vineyard takes pride in the time honored tradition of propagation. Nearly all their vines originate from cuttings of the hardiest, healthiest plants that have adapted to the Okanagan's unique climate over decades. Their focus on these self-rooted, heritage clones is a rarity in the BC wine world and a testament to showcasing the distinctive terroir of the Okanagan Valley region in every bottle.The 2022 Stoneboat pinot gris is a shining example of how terroir shines through in the glass. The stony, mineral backbone provides an earthy counterpoint to the bright, zesty grapefruit notes. Each sip tells the story of the rocky, calcium-rich soils of the Black Sage Gravelbar vineyard. This vintage elegantly balances vibrancy and complexity, with delicate aromas of ripe pear and gingerbread giving way to crisp green apple flavors.” - VJ Gandhi

  • Henry of Pelham, Niagara Peninsula Baco Noir | Ontario, Canada; red, baco noir: “The story of Henry of Pelham winery begins in the late 18 century, when their great-great-great grandfather was granted the very land their vines grow on today. Six generations later, this family farm in the Short Hills Bench sub-appellation of Niagara Peninsula has blossomed into one of Canada's most eminent wine regions. Representing nearly two-thirds of the country's wine grapes, the peninsula owes its viticultural fame to the moderating effects of Lake Ontario and the protective barrier of Niagara Escarpment.This deep, dark red wine evokes ripe flavors of currant and blueberry. A touch of spice enriches the palate, leading to a smooth, velvety finish with oaky notes. Pair it with barbecued meats, strong cheeses, cured meats, or even strawberries and black pepper for a surprising delight. Aged in American oak barrels for over six months, the sipper will enjoy structure and complexity.” - VJ Gandhi

  • Wonderwerk, Free Your Soul | Mokelumne River, United States; red, petite sirah, cabernet franc, riesling: We're thrilled to introduce you to Wonderwerk, a California winery known for its exceptional wines and eye-catching label. Founded by friends Andrew and Issamu, Wonderwerk translates to "house of fermentation," reflecting their passion for exploring fermentation through  unique wines and bold labels. Crafted using sustainable practices, their wines often feature co-fermentations of California heritage vines and fresh botanicals, resulting in distinctive and crushable blends perfect for adventurous palates. With its name and character mirroring the spirit of spring, Free Your Soul is a Californian blend is a mix of fresh blackberries, rich cacao, and Earl Grey tea, and a touch of minerality. On the palate, it has prominent blackberry notes with hints of pepper and herbal character. Riesling makes it crisp with a polished finish. This versatile wine pairs beautifully with lighter spring fare like grilled vegetables, herb-infused chicken, and fresh salads.

  • Neu Cellars, Sparkling Riesling | Old Mission Peninsula AVA, United States; white, riesling: What makes Neu Cellars stand out? They're all about letting nature do its thing. Their wines go through spontaneous fermentation, using only the natural yeast and bacteria found on the grapes and in the cellar to turn those grapes into wine. Picture this: if Neu Cellars' wines came with an ingredients list, it'd just be "grapes." Their commitment to keeping it simple gives you wines that are real, full of character, and truly show off that Michigan vibe. Spring has sprung, and what better way to celebrate than with some bubbly? This is the perfect choice! It's like spring in a glass. Expect bright citrus aromas like lemon and lime, with hints of floral notes and a touch of honey. Then, get ready for the party on your palate! Lively acidity and elegant bubbles with flavors of citrus, apple, and a clean finish. Perfect for spring dishes, from lighter fare like oysters and salads to creamy cheeses and even spicy food.

  • Barry Family Cellars, Jewels & Binoculars Red Blend | Finger Lakes, United States; red, cayuga white, pinot noir, blaufränkisch: Where passion, family, and minimal intervention come together to create delicious wines that allows the unique Finger Lakes terroir to shine in every bottle. Founded by father-son team Ken and Ian Barry, their philosophy is simple: let the grapes do the talking. What really sets them apart? A touch of family fun! Fresh, fruit-forward flavors with hints of spring blooms. Light-bodied and a blend of cherry, plum, and hints of spice, with well-balanced acidity and a clean, lingering finish. A perfect companion for a variety of spring dishes like grilled vegetables, herb-infused chicken, lighter pasta dishes, cheese platters and charcuterie boards.