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April 2024: The All-New EAH: Home Cooking Goals & Delicious Pairings


Turn any Tuesday into a celebration with EAH's curated wine selections and expert cooking advice. In March Eater relaunched Eater at Home, the section of Eater that’s dedicated to cooking, feasting, and celebrating in the comfort of your own home. Much like Eater Wine Club, EAH translates the spirit of dining out to the act of dining in: Whether it’s a ranking of popular internet recipes perfect for a group (roast chicken, lasagna) or having a professional recipe developer simplify a complicated restaurant dish (in a column called Okay, But Actually), Eater’s approach to cooking is savvy, no-BS, we-know-it-works advice.

The wines in this month's box will help transform your home into the best restaurant in town. To celebrate this next era of Eater at Home, we’re planning on a series of dinner parties throughout the year. Our first installment in February was a cozy three-course fondue party, with more to come this summer. To whet your appetite before then, though, we suggest pulling up April’s “Okay, But Actually” recipe for bo ssam and using it as inspiration to throw a dinner party of your own. The wines included in this collection would pair well with that dish — or pull them out anytime you’re looking to impress a guest, or turn any ordinary Tuesday into a moment of celebration. Cheers! Discover each bottle below: 

  • La Roche Buissiere, Prémices | Rhône, France; red, grenache: “This ain't your average red! Husband and wife team Antoine and Laurence Joly made this awesome organic wine called "Prémices" (meaning first fruits). They put in a ton of work in the vineyards, picking grapes earlier for a lighter style - less alcohol, more fresh flavors. Organic farming runs in the family too - Antoine's dad was a total trailblazer, doing organic way back in the 80s. Since 1999, Antoine and Laurence have bottled everything themselves, and take it from us, this Prémices is a winner. It's a full-bodied red with a nice mix of fruit and spice, like cherries, blackberries, and a hint of earth. Best part? It's easy- drinking and goes great with burgers or cured meats; perfect for a casual get- together! I can't wait for you to try it!” 

  • Controvento,Onda Anomala | Abruzzo, Italy; rosé, montepulciano: “Controvento (think "headwind" in Italian) makes a killer pink drink called Onda Anomala. Forget the same-old pink stuff you think you know; Controvento isn't one to follow the crowd, and their rosé Onda Anomala is proof. This Abruzzo winery throws a curveball with their refreshing take on rosé. It's like a dinner party in your mouth with red fruit and citrus flavors.Thanks to a short time spent with the grape skins, this light-bodied and easy to sip wine is your new bestie for warm days or light bites. Skip the fancy stuff and enjoy this delicious rosé on your next get- together, you won't regret it.” 

  • Guímaro, Ribeira Sacra Tinto | Galicia, Spain; red, mencía, brancellao, caiño, marenzao: “Skip the snoozy reds. This Ribeira Sacra tinto is a party in a glass, not your grandma's Spanish wine. Made by the rebel winemaker Pedro Rodriguez, the grapes for this wine come from deeply- steep vineyards in Spain's Ribeira Sacra region. This Guímaro ticks all the boxes for a fun weeknight wine: Imagine a medium- bodied red that's juicy, earthy, and a little peppery, like a cool mountain breeze after a hike. Unlike some heavy Spanish reds, this one is lighter-bodied and easy to drink, making it a perfect match for anything from tapas to grilled chicken.” 

  • Pino Román, Blanco Semillon | Itata Valley, Chile; white, semillón: “Nacho Román is a winemaker making waves in Chile's Itata Valley. Unlike some of the big names, he focuses on small-batch, high- quality wines, and this semillon is a prime example. It comes from a hidden gem of a region known for its natural wines. This semillon is all about ditching the typical, grassy flavor. Instead, get ready for a party of fresh citrus like mandarin and lime, juicy pear, and a hint of white pepper for a spicy kick. Light and elegant, it's perfect for sipping on a patio or enjoying with a lighter meal. Plus, it pairs beautifully with seafood, salads, or even lighter cheeses, making it a super versatile white for any occasion.” 

  • Christina, St. Laurent | Carnuntum, Austria; red, St. Laurent: “Christina St. Laurent is all about letting the grapes shine. Made by a winery in Austria (specifically, a bit east of Vienna), they use organic St. Laurent grapes, a grape you might not know, but should, St. Laurent might not be a household name, but it makes a delicious wine - elegant and balanced, not too heavy. Warm days help them ripen, while cool nights keep them nice and acidic. This translates to a light to medium-bodied red with flavors of blackberry, blueberry, and a hint of earth.” 

  • Tenuta Vincenzo Nardone, Pupo Punk - Falanghina | Campania, Italy; sparkling white, falanghina: “Nicola Nardone isn't your typical winemaker. This young gun from Campania is all about natural wines. It's in his blood, being the fourth generation in his family to craft wines that reflect the land. His Pupo Punk is a prime example. This fun, funky named wine is made with 100 percent falanghina grapes grown organically in San Marzano. Think citrus fruits, white flowers, and a touch of minerality for an interesting twist. It's dry and medium-bodied, with a nice kick of acidity that keeps things refreshing. It's easy to drink and pairs well with all sorts of food, from seafood to chicken to salads.” 

  • Sebestyen, Mozaik Bikaver | Szekszárd, Hungary; red, kékfrankos, kadarka, merlot, and cabernet franc: “The Sebestyen family, known for their Mozaik Bikavér, isn't afraid to mix things up. This unique red isn't a one-grape wonder; it's a blend of international favorites like merlot and cab franc, along with Hungarian stars like kekfrankos and kadarka. Beyond the unique blend, Mozaik Bikavér comes from the Szekszárd region, known for its bold reds with softer tannins. This makes it a delicious alternative to those super heavy reds. Plus, it's incredibly food-friendly, pairing beautifully with grilled meats, hearty stews, or even a creamy pasta dish. Imagine a full-bodied party in your glass with juicy cherry, blackberry, and a hint of earthiness. A fun and interesting red wine with notes of spices and tobacco.” 

  • Dolores Cabrera, La Araucaria Rosado | Canary Islands, Spain; rosé, listan negro: “Dolores Cabrera found her happy place in the Canary Islands, surrounded by ancient vines. Not only does she grow her own grapes the eco-friendly way, but she's sharing her knowledge with other farmers too. Each bottle of La Araucaria is more than wine, it's Dolores' story of passion, sustainability, and sharing the good stuff with the world. Absolutely a perfect spring sipper: Easy drinking, not too sweet, and with a fun little peppery kick. Plus, all those yummy red fruits like cherry and watermelon. This rosé would be perfect with some grilled chicken or a classic Spanish omelette. Just chill it beforehand and pop it open when it gets hot out.”