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January 2024: New Year with Eater Wine Club's Lower Alcohol Lineup

Explore the Eater's box of wines from our January club, as described by the Eater team. This selection is special as we are just starting the year. So, your Eater family wants to make sure you get the best of these quaffable and crisp light-bodied wines.
Whether you're kicking off the year with resolutions, enjoying the joy of the season, or just embracing a fresh start, our wine collection is all about matching the easygoing and optimistic vibes of January. No matter how big or small your celebration, we're all about making every moment special. So, here's to 2024 and all the new experiences in tow; and, of course, the pleasure of sipping on some fantastic wines. Cheers! Discover each bottle below:
  • Vignobles Arbeau, Rince Cochon | Languedoc-Roussillon, France; red, negrette: Corinne and Jean-Baptiste Arbeau, the passionate duo behind Vignobles Arbeau, nestled in the sun-drenched hills of Languedoc craft playfully earthy VDF reds like Rince Cochon. This deep garnet negrette has a complex nose of vegetal, tart, and fruity elements.The palate starts dry and sharp with cherry, pineapple, and floral undertones, while the finish is even more dry with persistent funkiness and a rustic gamey character. Perfect for a romantic evening, it pairs well with grilled lamb, roasted duck, mushroom risotto, aged cheeses, and even a dark chocolate tart for dessert, offering a unique flavorful profile that makes the dining experience extra special.

  • Chateau de la Moriniere, Vieilles Vignes Muscadet | Chateau de la Moriniere, Vieilles Vignes Muscadet Loire Valley, France; white, muscadet: Muriel Lacroix and Pascal Pringarbe own Chateau de la Moriniere, situated atop a hill with breathtaking views of the Beuvron Valley. Specializing in high-quality wines crafted using traditional methods, their estate offers a range of services, providing an authentic and immersive Loire Valley experience. Vieilles Vignes' crisp acidity and rich texture offer a fresh, floral nose revealing citrus, apple, and white flower notes, while the crisp palate features citrus, apple, and minerality, leading to a long, lingering finish. This versatile wine complements seafood such as oysters and shrimp, as well as light salads, grilled chicken, or vegetable dishes.

  • Alexander Koppitsch, Rét | Burgenland, Austria; red, Rotburger, zweigelt, St. Laurent, blaufrankisch: Alex and Maria Koppitsch prioritize sustainability, employing biodynamicsnsince 2011, ancestral equipment, and eco-friendly practices such as light bottles and recycled packaging. Beyond their eco friendly practices, the Koppitsch family of winemakers aim to craft wines that bring joy and pleasure. Rét echoes its grassland roots with red fruit and exotic spice notes, transitioning to a palate of juicy red berries and subtle spiciness. This lively Austrian red pairs well with grilled sausages, heart vegetable stew, herb-infused chicken, or a classic margherita pizza. Perfect to pair with creamy cheeses like Camembert or Brie. The absence of SO2 enhances its purity, appealing to lovers of natural, unadulterated wines.
  • Brutes Cider, Alright Alright Alright | Stockholm, Sweden; sparkling cider, Swedish apples, pears, and plums: Meet Brutes, a labor of love from a tight-knit group of friends who share a deep passion for natural wine. They've turned apples and pears from overlooked orchards into a unique cider-wine blend, drawing inspiration from the techniques of "orange" wine. The aim? A genuine expression of terroir that's lively, dynamic, and a true testament to the art of natural winemaking. The nose boasts a sweet stone fruit perfume, while the palate offers a juicy plum character with bright and soft acidity. Ideal with fresh seafood ceviche, it highlights fruitiness or pairs well with creamy goat cheese, cutting through richness. Alternatively, savor it solo as a refreshing aperitif.
  • Laurence et Remi Dufaitre, Beaujolais Villages Nouveau | Beaujolais-Villages, France; red, gamay: With a commitment to classic carbonic winemaking, Remi meticulously sorts whole bunches, introduces carbon dioxide for grape protection, and minimizes juice in the tank. Remi's artistry lies in maintaining consistency, and making sulfur additions based on stability before bottling. Beaujolais Nouveau Red is bursting with red fruit flavors — think loads of cherries! It's light, juicy, and totally crushable. Right in the middle, you get this awesome mushroom and earthy finish, with a touch of minerals for that extra kick. Perfect for celebrating good times, it pairs well with classic French dishes like coq au vin or ratatouille. And if you're feeling it, its juicy and earthy notes will jazz up your grilled chicken or mushroom risotto.
  • 2Naturkinder, Fledermaus Weiss | Franken, Germany; white, Müller Thurgau, silvaner: Melanie and Michael, driven by a passion for pure and life-filled wines, seek to create a new standard for their region. Inspired by the purism of wines they discovered as consumers, their winemaking journey is dedicated to expressing the unique character of the land, vintage, people, and grape varieties. This light and cloudy orange wine, boasts refreshing notes of gooseberry, peach, and lime. With a unique aromatic profile reminiscent of a celery-lime and sea salt margarita, it pairs exceptionally well with a variety of foods, making it a perfect choice for any gatherings.
  • Gernot & Heike Heinrich, Pinot Noir Burgenland Red | Burgenland, Austria; red, pinot noir: Meet Gernot and Heike Heinrich, visionary winemakers dedicated to cultivating diverse soils around Lake Neusiedl. They champion native varieties, expressing their commitment to winemaking through native yeast fermentation, extended skin contact for whites, lighter macerations for reds, and aging in used barrels. This medium carmine-garnet wine boasts an aromatic bouquet of subtle smoke, spice, raspberry-cherry confit, noble wood, and exquisite milk caramel. The palate reveals sweet, dark berry fruit, a silky texture, fine tannins, and a twist of orange in the finish. This wine complements grilled lamb chops, creamy mushroom risotto, and seared duck breast.
  • Michael Gindl, Flora | Niederösterreich, Austria; white, gelber muskateller, riesling, scheurebe/sämling: Committed to minimal intervention, Michael
    gently presses grapes, enabling spontaneous fermentation without selected yeast or temperature control. His cellar features acacia and oak barrels from his own forests, enriching each vintage. Michael envisions a future with a stronger focus on wooden barrels, aligned with his philosophy of minimal intervention for authentic wine expression. This vibrant Austrian white wine bursts with crisp orchard fruit flavors, complemented by yeasty brioche aromas and creamy notes, creating a complex bouquet. With a perfect balance of salinity and bright acidity, it showcases a tight, fresh character, culminating in a solid finish with lingering citrusy and fruity notes. Pair this lively white wine with grilled sea bass or enjoy it with a creamy goat cheese salad.

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