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December 2023: Best Wines for Holiday Celebrations

Explore the Eater's box of wines from our December club, as described by the Eater team
It’s crafted to perfectly fit in with your holiday celebrations, no matter how they take shape. The Eater team wants to share a selection of wines crafted top perfectly fit in with your holiday celebrations, no matter how they take shape.
These wines are much less about the food pairing, and more to be paired with your ideal setting. From the elegant and velvety reds to the crisp and refreshing whites, each bottle will easily add to any tablescape. We hope these wines give you something to think about next time you pick out a bottle for a celebratory occasion; it should always be dealers choice after all, discover each bottle below:
  • Franck Givaudin, Irancy | Irancy, France; red, pinot noir: Meet Franck Givaudin, a fifth-gen Burgundian winemaker celebrated for his organic pinot noir. From the limestone-clay soils of Irancy, Franck's passion for pinot noir shines through in each bottle he produces. His wines boast bright acidity, ripe fruit, and elegant minerality, earning critical acclaim globally. Flavors of black cherry, raspberry, and plum, earthy minerality, firm tannins, and its bold structure give way to a lingering finish of spice and leather. When we tried it we thought of roasted lamb with vegetables, or simply a few dark chocolate truffles with sea salt for dessert.

  • The Heaps Good, Offshoot Modra Frankinja Rosé Pét Nat | Štajerska, Slovenia; sparkling, blaufränkisch: Each bottle from the Heaps Good line tells a story, a symphony capturing Jack Barossa's essence, where tradition meets passion, and every sip is a testament to Jack's craftsmanship. A lively rosé pet nat from Slovenia with flavors of wild raspberry, strawberry, and citrus.Refreshing acidity, fine tannins, and a zesty, mineral-spiced finish that embody the spirit of this season. Consider grilled scallops in beurre blanc, herb-roasted chicken with rosemary potatoes, or a lemon caper risotto with grilled asparagus. Cheers!

  • Jouves & Croisille, Cahors Malbec de Soif | Cahors, France; red, malbec: In the sun-kissed vineyards of Cahors, meet Fabien Jouves and Germain Croisille, the passionate duo behind Jouves & Croisille. Committed to terroir-driven excellence, their organic and biodynamic practices shape exceptional Cahors wines. Ripe plum, black cherry, spice, delightful acidity, and silky tannins. This wine gives you a taste of Cahors’ earthy minerality, and would do well with a smoked duck breast and spiced pear chutney, gamier meats with juniper berries. Given the stone fruit, a chocolate lava cake with salted caramel ice cream for dessert would also be ideal.

  • Carpinus, Tokaji Hárslevelű | Tokaj, Hungary; white, hárslevelű:  Carpinus, located in the heart of Tokaj, Hungary, is a winery that’s been around since 1732. It embodies tradition, sustainability, and the unique terroir with their hands-off approach, crafting elegant and complex wines. Their Tokaji Hárslevelű offers a journey through delicate aromas, balanced acidity, and minerality, a testament to the region's soul. Notes of honeyed peach, apricot, and citrus unfold into a long finish of honey and florals. Tokaji’s acidity and subtle sweetness tend to pair perfectly with rich and savory dishes like roasted pork loin, or something equally reach yet sweet like panna cotta or flan.

  • Dolores Cabrera Fernandez, La Araucaria Tinto | Valle de la Orotava, Spain; red, listan negro: Meet Dolores Cabrera Fernández, a winemaker from the Canary Islands. A passionate farmer advocating for organic practices, Dolores cultivates a celestial blend of flavors, where the harmony of her vineyards mirror the serene landscapes of her island home. Black cherry and raspberry aromas, black pepper, redcurrants, plums, and volcanic earth on the palate. Soft, integrated tannins lead to a long, delightful finish. This red could go with anything from a festive charcuterie board appetizers, roast lamb, or even a chocolate raspberry tart for dessert, enhancing the wine's rich and fruity notes.
  • Sanctum, Leptir | Štajerska, Slovenia; white, pinot gris, pinot blanc, chardonnay:  In Slovenia's Lipoglav region is Vlado Podkubovsek, the visionary winemaker behind Sanctum. His dedication to tradition and artistic winemaking makes each sip a
    celebration of nature's purest expression. A captivating skin contact wine that bursts with aromas of dried wildflowers, apricots, pears, and white tea with honey. The palate is bright and savory, with a long, lingering finish. For a festive feast, pair with a prosciutto-wrapped melon, roasted duck with apricot glaze, and finish with a honey-infused pear tart.
  • Catalina Ugarte, Pipeño | Itata Valley, Chile; red, pais: Catalina Ugarte is a dynamic young winemaker in the Secano Interior region of the Itata Valley. Trained across Italy, Spain, and Chile, she passionately preserves Chile's viticultural heritage, spotlighting the distinctive pais grape and ancient vines. This Chilean pais unveils a tapestry of flavors from centenarian vines — bright red fruit aromas, subtle oak notes, gentle tannins, and a velvety finish. Share this exceptional bottle with family or
    friends, pairing perfectly with cranberry and goat cheese crostini, roast turkey, and a decadent cherry-chocolate tart for dessert.
  • Benito Santos, Saiar| Rías Baixas, Spain; white, albariño: Benito Santos, a Rías Baixas pioneer crafting exquisite albariño wines. From his grandfather's vineyards to this Saiar albariño, each sip embodies tradition, purity, and finesse. Cheers to Santos' unwavering commitment to quality and the terroir's unique essence. A refreshing delight, offering crisp greenapple and peach flavors, a hint of salinity, and a lingering finish with a touch of delightful bitterness. Benito Santos's Saiar Albariño is a perfect match for your holiday feast. Start with oysters, savor a main course of roasted turkey with apple-sage stuffing, and conclude with a delightful pear and almond tart.

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