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November 2020: Greek Wines With Zwann Grays

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For Eater Wine Club’s debut month, we went back in time to Greece, where the indigenous grapes and winemaking methods are ancient — and yet also extremely of-the-moment. From organic to biodynamic to skin-contact, today’s buzziest wine trends have been part of Greek winemaking for eons. 

That’s only one reason that our monthly curator, Zwann Grays of Olmsted and Maison Yaki in Brooklyn, was drawn to Greece. On a professional wine-tasting trip there several years ago, Grays was exposed to tastes that went beyond the dry, aromatic white wines you’d expect of the beachy, sun-washed Greece of postcards. Much of Greece is actually rocky and mountainous, with volcanic soil — and you can taste it in the wines. 

In November’s box:

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