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It's a Little Chilly to Ship Wine...

Due to extreme cold temps in our warehouse location, we will be holding off on shipping out February wines this week unless otherwise requested. We anticipate shipments going out the door starting February 17.

Please note that we're going to still print your shipping label and pack your box, so you'll receive a shipping notification, but there won't be any movement on the package while it sits safely at cellar temp in our warehouse.

It's a bummer for us (and you, I'm sure!), but, ultimately, we don't want to risk sacrificing the quality of the product just to get stuff out the door faster. And don't worry: You'll still have your delicious West Coast wines in time for the monthly virtual tasting with Brent Braun on March 1. 

We're down to ship your box this week if requested (just email us at with your order number), but we are not able to be liable for any compromised shipments during this time.

Thanks for your understanding!

— Eater Wine Club