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Sept. 2022: Endless Summer With Kristin Olszweski

September has always been Kristin Olszweski’s favorite month. She grew up in Massachusetts where summer stretched lazily into the fall, full of beach days, warm breezy nights, and the last tomatoes and raspberries of the season. She even recalls the first time she saw the surf classic Endless Summer, where two young men chase summer around the globe. It reminded her of the feeling she gets from her favorite month, the one where you want the warmth to stay forever. And even though she lives in Southern California where most days are summer, she wanted to her wine selection pay homage to that moment in between seasons. 

  • Zeit Gruner Veltliner | Niederosterreich, Austria; white, gruner Veltliner: There is no better grape for bright green vegetables than gruner Veltliner and I love this particular expression of it. This wine is bright, peppery, with a hint of honeysuckle and this omnipresent fruit note that reminded me of the elusive white mystery airhead. Drink this with all your summery salads! 
  • Domaine Rimbert “Ugni Glou” | Languedoc-Roussillon, France; white, ugni blanc: A phenomenal example of a rather obscure grape called ugni blanc (also referred to as trebbiano in Italy and used as the major grape in cognac). This wine hist all the points for me: texture, bold fruit notes (without sweetness), loads of green apple, Meyer lemon, creme brulee, and a delightful finish of oolong tea.
  • Christina Zweigelt | Carnuntum, Austria; red, zweigelt: If there was ever a wine embodiment of adult fruit snacks, this zweigelt from Christina is it! Winemaker Christina Netzl  is truly a farmer first and all that care shows in each of her wines. This one is exploding with juicy Bing cherries, red currant, and mint all wrapped in disco ball luminescence.
  • La Vignereuse Croizade | Gaillac, France; red, syrah, duras: La Vignereuse winemaker Marine Leys is making some of the most phenomenal wines to come out of the Tarn in Southern France. Croizade is a blend of duras and syrah with the latter being one of my forever favorite grapes for its savory, sexy nature. The syrah in this blend gives this wine structure, a brooding, carnal smoke, and a red berry vibe while the duras adds a touch of floral pepperiness.
  • Chateau Haut Lavigne “Sans Souffle” | Cote de Duras, France; red, merlot: Nadia Lusseau created Chateau Haut Lavigne in 2002 when she took over 8.5 hectares of vineyards in the Cotes de Duras. Nadia’s viticultural approach results in top-quality fruit and her winemaking allows for a true expression of terroir. This Sans Souffle is an absolute glou glou, filled with red berries, freshly-pressed pomegranates, and soft tannins.
  • Chateau Simian Entracte Rosé | Southern Rhone, France; rosé, marsanne, rolle, merlot: What we have here is probably exactly what you want from rosé: super fresh with a nose of red currants, pomegranate, and jasmine; plus a very light palate with refreshing acidity all with a tangerine hue.
  • Frug Zweigelt Rosé | Burgenland, Austria; rosé, zweigelt: This is an exclusive bottling thanks to New York-based importer Jenny & Francois. The Frug label is a partnership with winemakers Josef and Pia Wurzinger and is all about wines with great joy that are kind to both nature and your budget. This is a delicious and succulent rosé with a pleasant acidity. 
  • Frug Zweigelt | Burgenland, Austria; red, zweigelt: Josef and Pia Wurzinger’s winery lies in the southeastern part of Burgenland, almost at the border with Hungary. The name Frug comes from a popular 1960s dance (think the twist or the mashed potato). This has an elegant medium body with wonderful acidity. You might pick up on red fruits like plenty of plums and  cherries, plus figs and a spicy touch. This is highly sippable!