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May 2023: Seaside With Natascha Patterer

Natascha Patterer, often loves to describe a wine that’s been kissed by the sea breeze as though it were a chef’s final sprinkle of Maldon salt to finish a dish, mostly serving to make your mouth water so you crave the next bite! That’s why when she was approached to curate the Eater Wine Club May box, she immediately chose Savor the Seaside as the theme - because who doesn’t want to be crushing wine beachside? Or at least, crushing wine that feels like being transported to a bucolic beach in the Mediterranean? We know both our host and ourselves do - and that’s what we're channeling here!

ncluded in the mix are wines from coastal regions that are incredibly easy to pair with food. The cool ocean breezes that sweep across these seaside growing regions contribute to a bit of a salty, mineral characteristic in the resulting wines - making them bright, balanced, and full of refreshing acidity! Read about each bottle below:
  • Troupis Winery Hoof & Lur | Mantinia, Greece; rosé, moschofilero: Nothing complements Springtime’s fresh flavors, colorful blossoms, and warm weather quite like this wine. Hoof & Lur is a skin-contact style of wine that is vinified with very little intervention and bottled unfined and unfiltered, the way they used to make wine before commercial winemaking took over. The resulting wine is super floral, thoughtfully tannic, and uniquely aromatic, with complex notes of orange peel, gardenia, apricot, and honey. Pair it with anything from oysters (use it as mignonette!) to spicy Thai noodles and you’ll be an aromatic Greek wine convert in no time!

  • MontRubí BLACK | Penedés, Spain; red, grenache: We’re headed to Spain with this red made from 100% Grenache from old vines grown on Spain’s Costa Brava on the Eastern coast. In addition to being organic and vegan, about 30% of this wine undergoes a process called carbonic maceration, which means the fermentation starts to take place within the berry, yielding super-juicy, fruit-driven wines. Please believe me when I tell you this is one of my favorite red wines to enjoy in the springtime, better yet, give it a try - that’s why we’re all here! While this wine drinks dark-fruited with notes of blackberry jam, it remains super lively on the palate with silky tannins and balanced acidity, making it great for enjoying with a slight chill in the air alongside grilled mushrooms and charcuterie. This one’s a slam dunk for me. 

  • Cantine Barbera Perricone | Sicily, Italy; red, perricone: A winery famed for its organic and biodynamic viticultural practices. Located on the southwest coast of Sicily, only about a mile from the Mediterranean Sea. Here, Perricone grapes grow on sandy soils with biodynamic principles, meaning every interaction with the vine is planned out in accordance with the phases of the moon to ensure vine and soil health. With very controlled vinification under winemaker Marilena Barbera’s hand, the resulting wine is luscious and medium-bodied with notes of violets, jammy red fruit, clove, and ginger – intermingling with a distinctive saline minerality reminiscent of its bucolic seaside terroir. This dynamic wine can be enjoyed with grilled lean steaks, pork, or chicken, and will be exceptional with BBQ as we move into the summer months.

  • Adega do Vimbio "Vimbio" | Rías Baixas, Spain; white, albariño, caiño branco, lourier: Whenever I can, I always show love to Rías Baixas as a winemaking region. Not just because my mom’s from Galicia and it’s my second home, but because the sense of terroir that emanates from the wines of this region is incredibly consistent, and most of the wineries here are tiny. Adega do Vimbio is no exception: husband and wife team Martín Crusat and Patricia Elola are meticulously farming only 2.5 hectares in O Rosal, a very humid part of the region in the northwest of Spain, sitting just on top of Portugal. With the Atlantic to the west and the Minho River directly to the south, these grapes are kissed by salty air all day long until they’re harvested and vinified on the lees with minimal intervention to keep the wine complex and texturally interesting. To me, this wine embodies the essence of spring with its bright, salty acidity and notes of green citrus and white peach. This wine alongside a grilled langoustine and sugar snap pea salad transports me to my happy place.

  • Brisa Suave, 'Explosivo' Vinho Verde Tinto | Minho, Portugal; red, vinhao: This Portuguese Vinho Verde red wine is surprisingly young and
    fruity with rich aromas of red berries, bright acidity, and a nice grapefruit finish! It's a fantastic wine in a liter bottle that is perfect for sharing with friends on a warm spring day. Try to pair this one with BBQ sardines as it perfectly compliments with the charred flavors.
  • Brisa Suave, Vinho VerdeVinho Verde, Portugal; white, loureiro, arinto, trajadura: This Portuguese white from Brisa Suave is very crisp with perfectly balanced white stone and citrus fruit flavors, it has medium acidity and a clean mineral finish. To enjoy this bottle to the fullest, have
    this summer wine alongside fresh seafood, salt cod, summer rolls or clams with fresh lemons.
  • Rio Maggio, Sangiovese/Montepulciano | Rosso Piceno, Italy; red, sangiovese, montepulciano: A more complex Italian red wine from Rio Maggio with rich aromas of red berries, roasted spice, dry tannins, and a smooth finish. On the palate, savory notes of cherries, cranberries, red plum, figs, oregano and tobacco.This red blend is an amazing dinner wine to always keep around and is great to pair alongside meat and pasta dishes such as risotto.
  • Fattoria la Rivolta, 'Vigneti di Bruma' Aglianico Rose |  Campania, Italy; rosé, aglianico: Aglianico grapes are organically grown in Fattoria la Rivolta's 29-hectare vineyards, harvested by hand to produce low yields and farmed without the use of chemicals. It's crisp and fruity with notes of watermelon, tart cherries, cranberries and smoked currant. This Italian rosé has grippy acidity and saline finish. Great to pair with baked sea bass, or crispy mushroom and kale on a hot summer day!

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