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June 2023: Bistro Wines With Cody and Max

Chef Max Mackinnon, and Cody Pruitt, describe Bistro wine as  a transparently-made, natural product that celebrates the growers and winemakers in the exact same way our humble, seasonal cuisine highlights the ingredients and their respective farmers. Bistro wine is craveable in the same way a well-made chicken liver mousse or perfectly-blanched asparagus can be. Enjoy it by yourself after work, with friends at a picnic, or late night in front of the TV. No pretense, no affectation, no fuss. French juice at its finest!

Included in the mix are wines from French regions that are fresh, easy-drinking, and honestly-made wine. This wine are meant to be enjoyed in the moment, on the table across from friends, family, lovers, and new acquaintances.
Read about each bottle below:
  • La Camensarde Sauvignon Blanc | Loire, France; white, sauvignon blanc: La Camensarde is a collaborative project of grape growers in the Bué, Sancerre. Direct pressing at low temperatures makes this Loire white full of citrus fruit aromas. This sauvignon blanc from La Camensarde has passion fruit flavor, while ginger and lime greet the nose when the bottle is opened. Complex taste with a mineral and smoky finish. Bring a bottle outside and enjoy it with grilled vegetable pasta, sushi, or spicy Thai seafood.

  • VDF Gourmandise Domaine Ozil | Northern Rhône, France; red, syrah, grenache: Berries and peppercorns! A bright blend of syrah and grenache,
    'Gourmandise' from the brothers Ozil in the Ardèche region within the Northern Rhône is everything a red bistro wine should be. The Ozils are part of the dynamic, thrilling new breed of winemakers in the Ardèche, and Gourmandise is our favorite cuvée from them so far. Its low tannins and slight hint of salt and effervescence (paired with notes
    of cherries, raspberries, and a whisper of herbs) allow this wine to be enjoyed on its own. But if you lean into the literal meaning of ‘Gourmandise’ (French for gluttony, naturally) and open it up alongside duck breast, your night is better than 99% of the rest of the world’s at that moment.

  • Lulumi Pinot Noir | Languedoc, France; red, pinot noir: A winery famed for its organic and biodynamic viticultural practices. Located on the southwest coast of Sicily, only about a mile from the Mediterranean Sea. Here, Perricone grapes grow on sandy soils with biodynamic principles, meaning every interaction with the vine is planned out in accordance with the phases of the moon to ensure vine and soil health. With very controlled vinification under winemaker Marilena Barbera’s hand, the resulting wine is luscious and medium-bodied with notes of violets, jammy red fruit, clove, and ginger – intermingling with a distinctive saline minerality reminiscent of its bucolic seaside terroir. This dynamic wine can be enjoyed with grilled lean steaks, pork, or chicken, and will be exceptional with BBQ as we move into the summer months.

  • Lavie Le Vaurien Muscadet Sèvre-et-Maine Sur Lie | Loire Valley, France; white, melon de Bourgogne: C’est Lavie! Located in the Loire Valley, Lavie’s Le Vaurien is a muscadet, a particular style of white wine typically paired (rightfully so) with oysters. Not that far from Brittany and their world-renowned mollusks, it makes sense. Le Vaurien is apples, lemon, minerality (stones, chalk, and salt) all day long. We’re actually pouring it at Libertine this very moment! In addition to the requisite oyster pairing, one would not be wrong to spread some chèvre on a baguette and make that and the bottle disappear in under 30 minutes.

  • Les Vins Pirouettes Saveurs de Raphaël | Alsace, France; white, muscat blanc, pinot gris, pinot blanc: Les Vins Pirouettes is a completely unique project – a collaboration between Alsatian natural winemaking legend Christian Binner and various young producers in the surrounding region — each and every bottle is completely unique. The Saveurs de Raphael is no exception, cultivated and vinified by Raphaël  Marchal of Domaine de L’Envol in Ingersheim and featuring a white blend made up predominantly of gewurtztraminer with a splash of riesling to keep things interesting. Dry, but floral, with a tickle of curry and spice on the backend, if we could open this bottle up next to the French- meets-Asian cuisine at Paris’ Le Servan bistro, we’d be happy campers, but since you'll likely find yourself somewhere else, open up some rich, creamy cheese and slice some pâté for a similar vibe. The tiki-esque flavor profile will expand as you empty the bottle.
  • Clovis Vin de France Rouge | Rhone Valley, France; red, syrah: Clovis creates French biodynamic wines from the Southern Rhône and their
    grapes are cultivated by some of the best small organic producers in Remi Pouizin, France. This is a good value syrah blend! VdF Rouge from Clovis has nice dark fruit flavors on the palate, sweet earthy notes and silky tannins. Think of smoked cherries, fresh pomegranates, and mushrooms. An easy-drinking French syrah that pairs well with pizza, mild cheese, or can go with Thai dishes.
  • Laura Lardy Gourde à Gamay Beaujolais Villages | Beaujolais Villages, France; red, gamay: You can’t talk about bistro wine without mentioning Beaujolais, period. Directly south of Burgundy (while they are technically in the same 'administrative region,' it is not Burgundy), Beaujolais is the land of fruit-forward, brambly wine made from gamay. When one speaks about easy-drinking reds, 9 times out of 10, they have a bottle of Bojo in mind. Laura Lardy, a fourth-generation Beaujolais winemaker, rents organic vineyards from her dad, who’s nice enough to have selected the ones with significantly older vines than other parts. Showcasing the region’s terroir and gamay’s luscious, gem-like fruit tones, La Gourde à Gamay is light-bodied, ready for a slight chill in the fridge or on ice, and more than happy to be on the same table as a roast chicken) with drippings-covered potatoes and a crisp green salad.
  • Pierre Bories Hippolyte Rouge |  Languedoc, France; red, carignan, syrah, grenache: The Bories family has been cultivating the Chateaux Ollieux Romanis in Corbières since the mid 19th century. Hippolyte is a wonderful blend of French carignan packed with some fruity grenache and syrah. A modern-classic powerhouse wine with ripe red fruit flavors, herbaceous notes, and bright acidity. This crowd-pleasing wine goes well with savory poultry dishes, grilled veggies, or try it with a smoked beef Bourguignon.

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