February 2023: Co-ferments with Gwen Gunheim | Eater Wine Club

Eater Wine Club

February 2023: Co-ferments with Gwen Gunheim


At Miracle Plum the word we live by more than any other is collaboration. Collaboration brought us here to Eater, but it also brought us to our theme for the month: co-ferments! What better way to celebrate getting together, being close, and complimenting each other than dedicating an entire Wine Club to that. These are wines made by fermenting more than one grape variety in the same vessel - sort of like cuddling. It’s how hobby farmers and old school vignerons make field blends. These days when you hear co-ferment, folks are typically referring to red and white grapes fermented together; but it could be any two or more grapes. Co-ferments are a little less science-y than wine blending and they are a little more unpredictable. And in our estimation they are way more fun. So please enjoy the whole being greater than the sum of its parts, bottoms up! Read about each bottle below:

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