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December 2022: Togetherness With Aaron Ayscough

The year’s end is a time of togetherness, when we band together as friends, coworkers, family, in-laws, and chance acquaintances in the name of holiday cheer. It’s that exact community closeness that led December host Aaron Ayscough to focus on multi-varietal blends, wines in which the basic identity of any given grape variety is secondary to the unique character of the final assemblage. Cuvees that are greater than the sum of its parts, you might say.

This winemaking style is a hallmark of France’s natural wine community, which first arose in the 1980s and 1990s; becoming a true international counterculture in the 2000s. Today we still look to the community for an industry-standard when it comes to the principles of natural winemaking, and here and now, we toast to all forms of togetherness among your own communities. Read about each bottle below: