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December 2021: Travel Through Wine With Jhonel Faelnar

We can’t believe we’re closing out the year of Eater Wine Club, and what a year it has been! Our somms this year have taught us about terroir and what makes a piquette; they taught us everything there is to know about garnacha and lesser-known grapes like teroldego and babić; they took us to the islands and to Eastern and Central Europe. But December was all about New York-based sommelier Jhonel Faelnar, and his wines that were inspired by exploration and travel. 

Every wine carries with it a sense of place and time — reflecting where the grapes are from, how they’re grown, the people who made it, and the culture that encapsulates it all. So with Jhonel’s picks, we experienced a little escapism through the bottles. Here are Jhonel’s notes on what we drank in December: 

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