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August 2023: Beat the Heat

Sarah Pierre,  describes summer wines that Beat the Heat as crisp and fruity that keeps you feel cool, “They are like tiny superheroes disguised as bottles. Essentially the results you get from an ice-cold lemonade are what you’ll get from these wines...minus the sugar. How can you not love that? Remember, staying cool and hydrated doesn't have to be boring (and should also include water), you can do it with a little style and sophistication. Embrace the beaming sun rays with a glass of wine in hand and a thirst for exploration. Join me as we explore different regions, grape varietals, and styles that will have you questioning all that you’ve ever known about wine.”

Included in the mix is 
a selection of wines that  Beat the Heat - wines to drink when it’s hot out. These wines tend to be light, lower in alcohol, and have just the right amount of acidity. Read about each bottle below:
  • Bodegas Pinoso Zillamina Red | Valencia, Spain; red, monastrell: “When you open this bottle, use it as a portal to take you directly to Alicante, located on the southeastern coast of Spain, known for its packed, sandy beaches filled with people sunbathing, swimming, and sailing. Zillamina tastes like the Mediterranean; it’s no wonder this wine brings wine lovers so much pleasure. Produced by Bodegas Pinoso, a Spanish organic viticulture cooperative established in 1932 that is currently one of the main producers of organic and vegan-certified wines nationwide. The Pinoso vineyards are grown at high elevations and relatively close to the Mediterranean Sea. Zillamina is 100% monastrell and full of flavors such as blackberry, raspberry, and black currant while finishing with notes of spice. Enjoy this wine with grilled octopus and olive tapenade, a fresh tomato tart, or your favorite tin fish.” 

  • Hunter's Estate OCD Sauvignon Blanc | Marlborough, New Zealand; white, sauvignon blanc: This refreshing Marlborough white wine is the perfect drink to beat the summer heat! OCD Sauvignon Blanc by Hunter's Estate has tropical stone fruit flavors with a balanced mineral taste and fruity citrus aromas on the palate. It's crisp and good to serve chilled outside on a lovely afternoon. Notes of grapefruit, peach, passion fruit, and lime. Try a bottle with chicken wings, rosemary focaccia, or veggie pizza.

  • Azienda Agricola Carlo Chiesa Bocin Servaj Vino Rosso | Piedmont, Italy; red, barbera, dolcetto and nebbiolo: “This summer red can accompany you to any dinner party or social gathering. Bocin Servaj is versatile, food-friendly, and extremely approachable. For five generations, the Chiesa family has been farming their land in the hills of Santo Stefano Roero, in Piedmont. Brothers Davide and Daniele are at the helm of the winemaking team creating organic and sustainable wines that exceed all expectations for the price. Bocin Servaj, which means ‘wild veal,' is named after a story their grandfather used to tell them when they were children about this wild animal that lived under the tower in the village. A fun childhood tale resulted in this youthful, fresh bottling with a cute little label. That first sip of Bocin Sevaj is like biting into a juicy black plum. It’s bright with notes of stewed tomato and herbs. This wine wants to be paired with all things Italian, whether it be a slice of pizza with prosciutto and Calabrian peppers or a hearty pot of bolognese.” 

  • Hunter's Estate, Orbis Moderandi Pétillant Naturel | Marlborough, New Zealand; white, sauvignon blanc: Delicious sparkling white made of 100% sauvignon blanc from one of the oldest and finest producers in New Zealand. Orbis Moderandi has tasty stone fruit flavors, bright acidity, and creamy notes on the palate. Fun fact, this wine was bottled with 30% less sugar than the traditional pétillant naturel. Summer pét-nat with notes of grapefruit, pomelo, apple, and peach. Serve with crispy pork cracklings or fried seafood.

  • Azimut Brisat Orange | Catalonia, Spain; orange, parellada, sumoll blanc, garnatxa blanca, moscatell: “You can thank me later because this wine is going to be your new obsession. Tell a friend to tell a friend that this is the skin-contact wine that dreams are made of. The Azimut is where the Can Surioul winemakers get to play a little, while the wines bottled under their other label are the more serious expressions of Penedes. The Suriol family has been farming this land since the early 1600s, but it wasn’t until the 1940s that they began bottling the wines to sell locally. Now with over 80 years under their belt, and a true holistic, biodynamic approach to farming, Can Suriol is a force to be reckoned with. The family also runs a small rustic hotel and a restaurant as part of the property so pack your bags and pay them a visit! Until then, please enjoy this bottle, a blend of parellada, sumoll blanc, garnacha blanca, and moscatell is insanely delicious with notes of underripe peach, tangerine, Cuties, orange pith, a hint of spice, and a beautiful texture. There’s a little prickliness on the tongue right when you open the bottle. I’m obsessed with this wine. Unfiltered, unfined, unbothered.” 
  • Hunter's Estate, OCD Pinot Noir | Marlborough, New Zealand; red, pinot noir: A fruit-forward Marlborough pinot noir with thirst-quenching red berry fruit flavors. Experience the light freshness of pinot made in New Zealand and don't be afraid to stick it in the fridge for 20- 30 minutes. Savory red wine with well-balanced tannins and spicy notes of black pepper. Light flavors of plums, ripe cherries, and raspberries. Enjoy a bottle with grilled barbecue or roasted duck.
  • Finca Parera Litrona Penedes White | Catalonia, Spain; red, xarello, xarello vermell: “In 1999, Rubèn Parera, alongside his father Jordi, established Bodega Finca Parera, and the rest was history. Located in the Penedes region of Spain which is largely known for its cava production, Finca Parera, once organic, is now exclusively farming biodynamic and making waves in the area. Rubèn’s hands-off winemaking technique allows the wines to express themselves in their purest form leaving them full of personality. Holy smokes this wine is wild! Made from a blend of old vine xarello and xarello vermell, a rare thicker-skinned red variant of xarello, Litrona is summer in a bottle. A liter bottle that is. This wine is tart-taste with notes of salted pineapple and lemon  peel. It also has a hint of floral notes, which really adds to this wine’s complexity. Grab a picnic blanket, assemble a Mediterranean mezze platter, and get outside with this beauty!” 
  • Wild Arc Farm, Piquette Merlot |  New York, USA; sparkling red, merlot: A very glou-glou sparkling red wine with thirst-quenching red fruit flavors. Juicy notes of raspberries and cherries. Try this refreshing piquette with fish tacos or roasted vegetable pizza. PS Did you know we made a special, limited edition box with Punch of the six best winemakers to know right now? Todd from Wild Arc is one of them!

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